Q: What industries or fields does Pemberton Whiteman & Hill recruit for?

A: We do executive search for organizations seeking professionals. We have recruited for companies and law firms.

Q: Is Pemberton Whiteman & Hill a contingency search or retained search firm?

A: Three answers for this. We are a contingency executive search firm for our law firm clients. If we are working with a company or non-profit, we offer a retained search option though it depends on the client’s needs. Finally, we offer contract staffing. Some employers like to “try before they buy”, and in those cases, a contract staffing position makes a lot of sense.

Q: Where is Pemberton Whiteman & Hill headquartered?

A: Kansas City, Missouri.

Q: What industries does Pemberton Whiteman & Hill work in?

A: We work in legal, manufacturing, construction, and engineering.

Q: Does PWH use the best candidate and company matching technology on the market?

A: We have several internal and external platforms that helps make us able to accurately match organizations with the right talent.

Q: What do you look for in the candidates you present?

A: We look for energetic, resiliency, a strong work ethic, and likeability as well as specific skillsets needed by our client company. It is variable.

Q: What markets does Pemberton Whiteman & Hill work?

A: Pemberton Whiteman & Hill has been around awhile. We have a strong national network and candidate reach.

Q: What is the best way to make contact?

A: Call Joshua Hill at 816-772-2997